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Tertiary character
Rab-Bot and Fry discussing Robot Judaism. [3ACV21]
First appearance"Future Stock" (3ACV21)
Voiced byBilly West

Rab-Bot is one of the rabbis of Robot Judaism. He was at the Lodgatorium Comfort Dome Inn, presiding over the Goldborg Bot-Mitzvah, at the same time the Planet Express crew was having their stock-holder meeting. [3ACV21] After Fry snuck into the ceremony looking for free food, he and Rab-Bot discussed about the tenets of Robot Judaism, where the rabbi states that, although Robot Jews believe Robot Jesus was a real, well-programmed Robot, he was not their Messiah.

Additional Info


  • The rabbi appears to be of a Hasidic background, dressing in simple black clothing and having long payots extending along the sides of his head although, being a Robot, his payots are curled telephone cords instead of hair.
  • His name is on the Wheel of Robots. [4ACV18]


    Fry: So what's the deal? You guys don't believe in Robot Jesus?
    Rab-Bot: We believe he was built and that he was a very well programmed Robot. But he wasn't our Messiah.