Makeup for dogs

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Makeup for dogs
Makeup for Dogs.png
The Professor with a dog. [BG]
InventorProfessor Farnsworth
First appearanceBender's Game

Makeup for dogs is a type of makeup designed by Professor Farnsworth to improve the appearance of dogs. The Professor claimed that he was too busy designing it to find an alternative to dark matter. [BG] It's apparently "where the money is".

Additional Info


    Prof. Farnsworth: But once we free society from dependence on Mom's dark matter, scientists will finally care enough to develop cleaner, alternative fuels.
    Fry: Scientists like you!
    Prof. Farnsworth: No, not me. I'm too busy developing makeup for dogs. That's where the money is.

    Prof. Farnsworth: Good news, everyone!
    Amy: You perfected dog mascara?
    Prof. Farnsworth: Far from it. If you ask me, they look like a bunch of hookers!