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Commentary for
Future Stock
Future Stock.jpg
Production number3ACV21
On DVDSeason 3
Disc 4
Matt Groening
Executive Producer
David X. Cohen
Executive Producer
Rich Moore
Supervising Director
Jeff Westbrook
Guest Writer
Brian Sheesley
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, miscellaneous)
Billy West
Actor (Fry, Professor Farnsworth, Zoidberg, miscellaneous)
Tress MacNeille
Actor (Mom, Hattie, miscellaneous)

Topics of Discussion

  • The Hebrew writing is "Today I am a robot".
  • Tress' first commentary recording, however the commentaries are recorded out of order, so she appears on multiple commentaries before this one.
  • How they combine 3D and 2D.
  • David's ability to recall Futurama trivia.
  • "That Guy"'s name is Steve Castle.
    • 80's style design, suits came from Wall Street.
  • Whether Hattie's legs are wrinkled or she's wearing support hose, apparently it's the latter.
    • At the last recording session, David received a message on his mobile phone's voice mail from an old woman looking to buy some support hose.
  • Billy West arrived late, or possibly early for the next recording.
  • Crowd animation and the "people hose".
  • The ad is based on the first Apple ad, in 1984. With the dialogue being a parody of the original audio.
  • Mom's design changes.
  • Chair gas would have been better than chair fuel.
  • Mom's ship has 3 times the number of windows the Nimbus does, about 3300-3500. The ship wasn't used again.
  • OSX is doing better than MSW on the stock exchange, Macintosh Operating System 10 vs. Microsoft Windows. GORN beating Q, is a reference to Star Trek.
  • Matt calls David during the commentary
  • More high-tech things than usual due to the high quantity of 80s references.
  • The Boneitis was originally more extreme.

Highlights / Quotes

  • Rich Moore [Introducing himself]: And I'm Rich Moore, supervising director for the series.
    John [cheering]: Yeah! Rich, you suck!
    Rich Moore: Well, John. That's just plain mean!
  • David X. Cohen: Billy, hurry the Professor is talking and we need your comment on that.
    Billy West [As Farnsworth]: Shut up! Get out of my chair.