Commentary:Spanish Fry

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Commentary for
Spanish Fry
Spanish Fry.JPG
Production number4ACV17
On DVDSeason 4
Disc 4
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Executive producer
Rich Moore
Supervising director
Ron Weiner
Peter Avanzino
John DiMaggio
Actor (Bender, misc.)
Maurice LaMarche
Actor (Morbo, Lrrr, Human Horn dealer, misc.)

Topics of Discussion

  • This episode had not yet aired at the time of this recording. Ron estimated an 13 August, 2003 air date, it turned out to be 13 July, 2003.
  • Billy and John's intro beat box.
  • Dirtiest episode that they'd made.
  • The writers tried, and failed, to write an episode about Barbados Slim.
  • Instead of using any term for "lower horn" the commentators constantly make stupid noises.
    • There was a debate about whether the "lower horn" on nose should be removed by poachers.
  • There had been a Bigfoot reference in 4ACV09 until this episode became about Bigfoot.
  • Last of the 4ACV commentary recordings, they are recorded out of sequence.
    • This gives everybody in the room a very "high energy."
  • Ron always has dancing in episodes.
  • Fry's rants.
  • Pointing out the unusual presence on a Windows joke, given that they usually have Mac jokes.
  • The saucer is in reference to one from Close Encounters.
  • Leela might be an alcoholic.
  • John forgot the possum was voiced by him.
  • Fry was originally going to look at his reflection on Bender's "shiny metal ass", but the episode was already too dirty, and it was a little awkward to do.
  • It is proportionally harder to animate aliens based on how many more arms there are.
  • Mentioning the items in The Beast With Two Bucks.
  • The voice over by Leela while watching the security camera footage, was added later in the process after deciding that they needed someone to identify Lrrr by name earlier in the episode.
    • This is the biggest episode for Lrrr and Ndnd. He is always shown to be not quite on top of things.
  • "My nose, light of my face" is in reference to a line in Lolita.
  • Pine trees may have been cloned since "Xmas Story".
  • Lots of humans in cages on wheels.
  • Design of Bigfoot.
  • An early version required the Omicronians to attack the Earth to get excitement back in their romance.
  • Bigfoot's walking scene is taken from the Patterson-Gimlin film
  • The The Scary Door episode on the credits had been cut from another episode due to length.

Highlights / Quotes

  • Ron Weiner [about Bender]: He's so damn cute.
  • Rich Moore: We saved so much money not having to draw Fry with a nose.
    David: Reduced your pencil mileage, as they say.
  • Rich Moore: What?! "This device was enjoyable to think about"?
  • John DiMaggio: Even Matt's laughing at that. That's how stupid that is. You do it enough, it finally gets you. That's the way my style of comedy is. I shove it right down your throat!
    Rich Moore: Johnny D. style.
    John DiMaggio: Whoa, relax! It's comin.'
  • Ron Weiner: Seemingly good naturalists are bad and seemingly bad monsters are good.

Related DVD Features

  • The holographic nose sequence, seen in the deleted scenes on the DVD, was apparently removed, to David's surprise, by Paul Caulder.