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== Events ==
=== In-Universe ===
=== In-Universe ===
*[[Bender Bending Rodríguez]] constructed, activated with a manufacturing defect. [[Hermes Conrad|Inspector#5]] approves him anyways.
*'''Unspecified date'''
*[[Hermes Conrad]] resigns from working for [[Mom's Friendly Robot Company]] and moves out of his house in [[Tijuana]].
**{{Bender}}'s earliest memory, mistaken for his birth. {{er|3ACV06}}
*[[Amy Wong]] begins her internship at [[Planet Express]] for her teacher, the [[Professor Farnsworth]] to do her engineering degree.
**{{Hermes}} is the employee of the {{cat|year}} at [[Planet Express]]. {{er|6ACV10}}
**{{Amy}} begins her internship at Planet Express for her teacher, {{Professor Farnsworth}}, to do her engineering degree, having already worked there several years in an unknown position. {{er|6ACV10}}

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