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This article is about {{{1}}}. For {{{2}}}, see [[{{{3}}}]].
Documentation for {{about}}


In case of articles having similar names and/or similar topics, but are not, use this template at the top of the article to describe what the article is about, and what article people might be looking for instead.


{{about|<what THIS article is about>|<what another article is about>|<name of article>[|more articles]}}

The optional parameter section may be used to indicate that the template is describing a section rather than an entire article. The parameter category, which is also optional, may be used to indicate that the template is describing a category.



{{about|the ''Futurama'' character|the actual person|Crystal Chesney-Thompson}}
This article is about the Futurama character. For the actual person, see Crystal Chesney-Thompson.
{{about|the production history|the in-universe timeline|Timeline|a non-linear description of ''Futurama'' production|Production}}
This article is about the production history. For the in-universe timeline, see Timeline. For a non-linear description of Futurama production, see Production.
{{about|section=yes|something|something else|Main Page}}
This section is about something. For something else, see Main Page.