Superior Gort jury

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Tertiary character
Superior Gort jury
Superior Gort Jury.jpg
The Superior Gort jury at work.
Date of birthAugust of 3010
GenderMale and Female
Planet of originRobo-Planetoid
RelativesThe Professor, creator
First appearance"A Clockwork Origin" (6ACV09)
Voiced byUnknown

The Superior Gort jury was a group of indivivuals from the Robo-Planetoid who served jury duty at the Superior Gort. It handled the Everyone v. Farnsworth trial. The Superior Gort jury was created by Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth in August of 3010 and later evolved into the Robotic gas forms (6ACV09).


Additional Info

The jury in its current form.


  • Its current form is in reference to a short story by Ray Bradbury, featuring similar creatures on Mars.


    Superior Gort judge: Has the jury reached a verdict?
    Superior Gort jury: No, we have not. For we have evolved to a higher state of consciousness. In the grand scheme, all physical beings are but yokels. Now, settle your petty squabbles and get the hell out!