Nintendu 64

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Nintendu 64
Anthology of Interest II.jpg
LocationWithin What-If scenario.
Inhabited byMany video game characters
First appearance"Anthology of Interest II" (3ACV18)

Nintendu 64 is an imaginary planet seen in one of the scenarios created by the What-If Machine when Fry asked "what if life were more like a video game?". The residents invaded Earth and Fry, along with the rest of the Planet Express crew, helped General Colin Pac-Man fight them in a battle parodying the game Space Invaders. The Nintendian ships are designed in 2D and they can move horizontally back and forward while shooting downward at the laser cannon controlled by Fry across the big protection bunkers. The ships moved faster until the alien invasion reached the street, since Fry couldn't shoot the last ship because his brother always did it for him. The Nintendians wanted quarters to do their laundry, but the Earthicans refused, so the Nintendians decided to throw their laundry in with Earthicans'.

Additional Info

Known Nintendians


  • Its name is based upon the Nintendo 64 console.
  • It is unknown what the planet looks like, since it's never seen.
  • The planet was originally named "Atari 2600" in the script and animatic, but changed to Nintendu 64 after the writers realized that younger viewers might not remember the Atari 2600 console. Fox attempted to persuade the writing staff to name the planet "PlayStation 2" in the hope of attracting sponsorship money from Sony, makers of the PlayStation consoles, but most of the writing staff were Nintendo fans and so weren't keen on this idea, and it ended up being a moot point anyway when Sony told Fox they were not interested in such a deal.


    Fry: What do you monsters want?
    Donkey Kong: One thing and one thing only: Quarters! A million allowances worth of quarters! No slugs or tokens.
    Beserk: Fork 'em over! Fork 'em over!
    Prof. Farnsworth: Forget it, you pixilated pirates. We need those quarters to do our laundry.

    Lrrr: Well... then what if we throw our laundry in with yours? Would that be acceptable?
    Fry: I guess so.
    Lrrr: OK, then. That settles that. But if this cape shrinks, consider your species extinct!