Falafel cart man

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Tertiary character
Falafel cart man
Falafel cart man.png
The falafel cart man near the Planet Express headquarters, in 3011. [6ACV20]
Planet of originEarth, New New York
First appearance"Neutopia" (6ACV20)
Voiced byDavid Herman

The falafel cart man is a man of Middle-Eastern origin who sells falafel from his cart. When the Planet Express crew formed a commercial air line, in 3011, their flight destroyed his falafel sign and accidentally dropped a bag on his head. [6ACV20]

In a deleted scene from "The Mutants Are Revolting", man identical to the falafel cart man, including his way of speaking and his falafel cart, is seen in the First Destruction of New York City of 2308. After being shot at by the (assumed) aliens, he throws a shoe at the alien, who then crashes into his cart, presumably killing him.

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    Falafel cart man: I kill you my friend!