Dr. Cahill

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Secondary character
Dr. Cahill
Dr. Cahill.png
ProfessionDoctor at Head Museum, Doctor at unnamed hospital
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Dr. Cahill is an attractive doctor working at the Head Museum and an unnamed hospital. She is labelled a bimbo by Hermes Conrad due to the fact that she is blonde, has a breathy voice, full sensual lips and a steaming hot body. Philip J. Fry calls her Dr. Goodensexy, and she highly resents sexual stereotyping.

In 3011, she wanted to go to Acapulsar in a Plan Am airplane, but it crashed on an unknown planet where she encountered a rock alien that altered her sex. [6ACV20] She also works as a doctor at an unnamed hospital where she took care of Fry after his heart attack.

She has worked with two versions of Philip J. Fry. She first worked with Fry's time duplicate, Lars Fillmore, for a few years before he was killed. [BBS] She later worked with mainstream Fry. [6ACV23] She does see a resemblance.

Additional Info


    Fry: Can you save Hermes, Dr. Goodensexy? [BBS]
    Dr. Cahill: I told you, my name is Dr. Cahill!
    Hermes: Figures I'd get mangled while the blonde bimbo's on duty.
    Dr. Cahill: I'm a doctor, sir. The mere fact that I'm blonde and have a breathy voice, full sensual lips, and a steaming hot body, doesn't make me a bimbo.
    Zoidberg: Tell me about it.
    Hermes: I think we've all learned a thing or two about sexual stereotypes, [shouting] while my head's slowing dying, 'cause I'm not in a jar yet, ya'- ya' bimbo!
    Dr. Cahill: Oh, sorry, heehee, ditzy-witzy!

    Dr. Cahill: I'm afraid your heart has suffered a lot of damage, Mr. Fry. And my cleavage isn't helping. [6ACV19]
    The Professor: Not helping him...

    Dr. Cahill: I'm heading out to my night job. Remember, no loud noise, no head bowling, and NO parties or it'll be your ass in a jar! [6ACV23]
    Fry: I want to go to that museum!

    [Dr. Cahill catches Fry and his friends in the act of partying after she specifically forbade him from doing so.] [6ACV23]
    Dr. Cahill: Mr. Fry, why are all these people standing around...when they should be PARTYING!!

    Dr. Cahill: I'm a doctor, and yes, they're real. [7ACV25]


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