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Tertiary character
Hobsy with his boss.
ProfessionServant of Mrs. Astor
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Hobsy is a very tall and classy male servant of Mrs. Astor. He is a butler of sorts with a British accent and presumably lives in her mansion in the Waldorf Asteroid.

The Planet Express crew visited the mansion in September of 3010 on their 100th mission to deliver a soufflé Mrs. Astor had ordered from Elzar's Fine Cuisine. Hobsy fed the soufflé to a few dozens of dalmatians Mrs. Astor keeps in an isolated room. However, as the souflée contained a few drops of dangerously explosive nitroglycerine, the dogs who ate it could have been badly injured, or even killed.

He was later seen in the New New York with his boss, who demanded that Mayor Poopenmeyer cleaned up the city from the sewage left on the streets by the Sewer Mutants, and assisted the official declaration of mutant freedom.

Additional Info


  • While his species shares some common traits with Amphibiosans, Hobsy has rounder eyes and pupils, more defined ears, a moustache like structure never seen on an Amphibiosan and most notably a nose. As such he is most likely not Amphibiosan, he may however be a hybrid of Amphibiosan and an unidentified species, like Kif's offspring.
  • HOBSY is the Hanoverian online library system (German).


    Hobsy: [After meeting the crew.] I shall inform Mrs. Astor that the circus is in town.

    Zoidberg: Where's the exploding?
    Hobsy: One does not explode in Mrs. Astor's face.