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Documentation for {{group infobox}}


This infobox is for groups and organisation. These are generally considered articles that cannot be described fully by the {{place infobox}} or {{character infobox}}. Also, if it is a species or race in question, use {{species infobox}} instead. A group is usually a collection of characters, and each character may have different importance for the overall plot than its other characters. For instance, Fatbot appears a lot more than the other Fratbots.

For organisations, it would apply to something as DOOP or similar. Something with too many people and too many locations to serve with a single "place infobox".


{{group infobox
|name           = Name of group or organisation
|image          = [[Image:Image.png|225px]] If logo is available, use that.
|image text     = (optional)
|image2         = An alternate image (optional)
|image text2    = (optional)
|location       = (optional) Its primary location(s)
|type           = (optional) Organisation type
|business       = (optional) Type of business
|leader         = (optional) Leader of the group
|first appear   = 
|status         = (optional) Current status of group/organisation
|wikipedia      = (optional) For information about the group unrelated to Futurama

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