"Sweet" Clyde Dixon

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Secondary character
"Sweet" Clyde Dixon
Sweet Clyde Dixon.png
Sweet Clyde helping the Professor.
Planet of originGlobetrotter Homeworld
First appearance"Time Keeps on Slippin'" (3ACV14)
Voiced byDavid Herman

Clyde Dixon (also known as Sweet Clyde) is a male Human from the Globetrotter Homeworld. He is a core member of the Globetrotters' basketball team, one of "the finest scientific minds in the universe" according to Professor Farnsworth, and a Robo-Hungarian Duke.


Along with his team, Sweet Clyde joined forces with Professor Farnsworth and the Planet Express crew on numerous occasions. The Globetrotters helped the Professor figure out how to stop time skips (3ACV14) and better understand the time travel paradoxicality equation (BBS), having fought for Earth in the battle with the Scammer Aliens (BBS), solved a math problem that would allow him and his employees to return to their original bodies (6ACV10), and helped Amy restart the Earthican rotation after the Thubanians had stopped it (6ACV08). Additionally, Dixon attended the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion ceremony (ITWGY), as well as the 100th Delivery Party (6ACV12), and became a Robo-Hungarian Duke after helping Emperor Nikolai put his mind back in his original body.

Additional Info



    Sweet Clyde: You gotta Globetrotter that explosion up a little, Farnsy. Make it an implosion.

    Bubblegum: Sweet Clyde, laugh derisively at him!
    Sweet Clyde: [He laughs derisively.]

    Sweet Clyde: Q to the E to the D!