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LocationAlaska, United States of America, Earth (Crap Farm)
Organisation typeDark matter distributor
BusinessDark matter
First appearanceBender's Game
Current statusActive

Mombil was a company started by Mom to sell dark matter. Mombil is the world's only dark matter mine. At one time, Mom increased the prices of Dark Matter, telling people that there was a shortage of Dark Matter, having to drill for dark matter in an Alaskan wildlife refuge, even though Mom captured Nibbler's people from Vergon 6 and used them for a crap farm. The name itself is a parody of Mobil.

Planet Express attack on the Mombil "mine"

Main article: Planet Express attack on the Mombil "mine"

In 3008, Planet Express attacked the Mombil mine in Alaska to get the Single non-local metaparticle from Mom. The remote controlled Planet Express ship was used as a distraction to get inside.

After getting inside, Fry, Leela and Professor Farnsworth found a Nibblonian Farm, by them eating chickens and crapping out the Dark Matter. As Planet Express try to free Nibbler, Igner comes into the room and lets them go into the chicken container.

Fry, Leela and Farnsworth go to the main room to get the crystal, but Bender's imagination and his Dark Matter inside of him send all of them, Mom, Fry, Leela, Farnsworth, Bender, Walt, Larry, and Igner, into Cornwood.

Mombil was later seen selling other forms of fuel, such as Squirrel Oil and Whale Oil, so the loss of Dark Matter might not have had that big an effect.




  • Mombil Building, crap farm
  • Killbots, guards

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