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Tertiary character
Planet of originEarth
RelativesFellow island occupants: Cartridge Unit, Sinclair 2K, and Cymbal-Banging Monkey
First appearance"Obsoletely Fabulous" (4ACV14)
Voiced byTress MacNeille
This article is about the Futurama character. For the Simpsons character, see Lisa Simpson.

Lisa lives on a island with three other outdated robots. She has to frequently refill her waterwheel or else she will power down forever.

When the island inhabitants, led by Bender in a wooden submarine, return to society with the goal of destroying technology Lisa declares her love for Bender. She is only seen to exist in Bender's imagination; but can be seen on the "Wheel of Robots" in "The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings" and she is seen in Into the Wild Green Yonder in the audience, meaning that she exists.

Additional Info[edit]


  • Her name may be a reference to the character of the same name (who is created through a computer) from the science fiction film Weird Science (1985).
  • Her name is likely a reference to Apple's early 80s personal computer named 'Lisa'.