Earth presidential election, 3012

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3012 Earth presidential election
Decision 3012 screenshot.png
A political debate hosted by Morbo.
Held whereEarth
First appearance"Decision 3012" (7ACV03)

The Earth presidential election of 3012 was held in June, 3012 for the new President of Earth. The election featured Richard Nixon's head and Chris Travers, a candidate whose campaign manager is Leela and whose birth certificate is missing. It was won by Richard Nixon's head.


While Travers initially won the election, Nixon's loss caused him to fade away. In the timeline where Nixon won, cheap alien labor was eliminated and Earth's economy collapsed. Working class humans were eliminated by Nixon to make Soylent Majority, and robots were left with all jobs. When a robot uprising occured, the last remnants of humanity hid underground. Travers was sent back in time to run against Nixon. With Nixon's loss, the robot uprising never occurred and Travers was never sent back in time. All traces of Travers from the election eventually disappeared and Nixon won the election.


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