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InventorProfessor Farnsworth
First appearance"A Clone of My Own" (2ACV10)

The Clone-O-Mat was invented by Professor Farnsworth in the year 2988 or earlier. The machine has a big tube full of a liquid where the clone is grown. Once the clone is grown to the desired level, the tube is then opened to extract it. The Professor used it to clone himself using one of the shapelier growths on his back, creating Cubert, who was developed to the age of 12 before extraction (2ACV10). It was later going to be used to clone Fry's dog, Seymour, but Fry changed his mind and broke the machine. Animals that can be cloned are Humans, seals, dogs, pigs, chickens, dinosaurs, sharks and ducks. It apparently needs a lot of power, as it had to be taken to a lava pit when Professor Farnsworth was attempting to clone Seymour (4ACV07).

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