Bender's mother

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Secondary character
Bender's mother
Bender's Xmas 2.jpg
ProfessionConstructor of bending units
RelativesSee here
First appearance"Xmas Story"
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Bender's mother is a robotic arm who works in a factory building bending units such as Bender and Flexo. Since she didn't have a mouth, she originally communicated through sign language. As Bender refers to himself as her "middle son", she likely created 3459 bending units, since he was the 1729th one built by her. She sent him a card for Xmas saying "Merry Xmas son #1729". [2ACV04] In 3012, Bender told his son that he inherited his arm control software from her. [7ACV01] She is, apparently, a religious fundamentalist, and never taught Bender about robot reproduction. [7ACV01]

In 3017, she only had a few days left to live, and Bender wanted her to hear him reprise his character of Antonio Calculon Jr. on the All My Circuits podcast. However, Klaxxon, a being comprised of soundwaves from 21st century podcasts interrupted his scene. The podcast audio produced by Klaxxon threatened to shake the Earth apart, so the Planet Express and Bender's mom, on the verge of death, sought him down to entrap him in diamondium. They found him, thanks to Leela pinpointing the location of his signal back at the Planet Express headquarters, however Bender couldn't squeeze hard enough to trap him inside. Bender's mother was able to seal most of the audio inside the shell, however due to the fact that she was weakened from being near death, a portion of Klaxxon was able to escape into her casing. This caused Bender's mother to be reinvigorated, and allowed her to speak for the first time, using a female voice mixed with that of Klaxxon. This effectively made Klaxxon Bender's stepfather, which pleased Bender who viewed him as a super villain.

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