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Secondary character
Australian man
Australian Guy.jpg
The Australian man at Spa 5 [2ACV11]
Planet of originEarth, Australia
First appearance"How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back" (2ACV11)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

The Australian man is a simple man from Earth who seems to always have to do forced labour. First he was tricked into working on Spa 5 with Hermes by Dr. Zoidberg. [2ACV11] Hermes managed to free everyone by making Australian man do all the work. Just when he thought his freedom was secured he managed to be enslaved on Osiris 4 building tombs and pyramids for the Pharaoh. [3ACV17] He probably escaped from Osiris 4 since he was shown later on Earth assimilated by Yivo [TBwaBB] and was a spectator of the Space Demolition Derby. [BG] However, in 3011, he was enslaved during the third Omicronian invasion of Earth. [6ACV11]

Enslaved On

Additional Info


  • Despite always being a slave he did not appear in "A Taste of Freedom".
  • The Australian man resembles Australian movie star Paul Hogan, most famous for the title role in Crocodile Dundee.
  • Every time the Australian man is enslaved it's on a planet one closer to the star of its solar system than his previous enslavement.


    Hermes: Curse that Dr. Zoidberg! If I get out of here, he'll be looking down the business-end of a shrimp fork.
    Australian man: Give him one from me too, mate. I don't know why I go to him.

    Australian man: Oh, bloody chunder!