Mom buying Planet Express

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Mom buying Planet Express
Celebrated when3001 and 3003
Celebrated byMom and Planet Express
First appearance"Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire?" (US#005)

Mom has tried to buy Planet Express on three separate ocassions, one of which is definitely canon and two of which are of disputed canon: The first one ocurred in 3001 after the IRS needed Professor Farnsworth to pay a million dollars in back-taxes, and he did not have the money (US#005). The second one ocurred in 3003 after That Guy became the CEO (3ACV21). The third one ocurred in 3003 after the company had been losing money (FVG).

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    Leela: What's the problem, Professor?
    Professor Farnsworth: They discovered that I'm 160 instead of 150, ten years older than the age I've been putting down on my tax returns.
    Fry: Then they should cut you a break! In my day, old people had it easy, senior discount at the movies, senior discount at Denny's, the CBS network...
    Professor Farnsworth: It's not that simple, Fry. The IRS says that since those ten years are unaccounted for, I have to pay back-taxes!
    Hermes: How much?
    Professor Farnsworth: One million dollars! And if I don't come up with the money, I have to declare bankruptcy and sell Planet Express!

    Steve Castle: [On screen.] Everyone's fired and we're out of business.
    [Everyone gasps.]
    Amy: Oh, no!
    Hermes: How?
    Steve Castle: [On screen.] I'm gonna sell Planet Express to Mom so she can gut the company and eliminate us as competitors.
    Mom: [On screen.] Don't let the door hit you on the way out, 'cause I don't want ass prints on my new door!

    Professor Farnsworth: Good news, everyone. I've sold Planet Express to Mom!
    [Fry and Leela gasp, Bender stutters.]
    Bender: Also, why are you wearing that funky hat?
    Professor Farnsworth: Whu? Oh, this? No reason. [He throws it away.]
    Fry: Hmm. That was odd. Mighty odd.
    Leela: Are you off your nut, Professor? How could you sell the company to Mom?
    Professor Farnsworth: I had to. We've been losing money. Perhaps my strategy of using a giant space ship to deliver one package at a time wasn't as clever as I thought. Plus, you three never actually charged anyone!
    Fry: Yeah, sorry about that.
    Leela: [Simultaneously.] Sorry.