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Documentation for {{site infobox}}


This template is for website articles to indicate quick overview of the information about the website in question.


{{site infobox
|name         = Name of the site (full name, please, not common abbreviations)
|image        = An image of its front page
|image text   = Some text describing the front page (e.g. to indicate
                it was taken on a specific date, etc.)
|link         = The URL to the site, to its frontpage
|type         = Type of site, e.g. 'message board'.  Refer to other website articles
                for common names to specific types of site.
|language     = The language(s) used by the website and available on the website.
|commercial   = Whether or not it is for-profit (possible values are 'No', 'Yes' and '?')
|official     = Whether or not it is an official site (same values as above)
|launched     = Date of its launch
|first appear = (optional)
|status       = Current status of the site (e.g. active, inactive, dead, etc.)
|wikipedia    = (optional) For information about the site unrelated to Futurama
|fictional    = Whether or not it appears on the show (possible values are 'No' and 'Yes')