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Documentation for {{film infobox}}


This template is for film articles. Its use and appearance are quite similar with {{episode infobox}}, and its navigation works together.


{{film infobox
|name             = Name of film
|image            = The DVD box's image is preferable. 
|image2           = An alternate DVD box image (optional). 
|directed by      =
|produced by      =
|written by       =
|number           = Production number
|caption          = Title caption
|title referee    = Title reference
|release date     =
|blu-ray release  = Same as above, except on blu-ray (HD)
|running time     =
|imdb id          = IMDb id
|opening cartoon  = (optional)
|official website = (optional)
|prev film        = (optional)
|prev ep          = Previous episode
|next film        = (optional)
|next ep          = Next episode
|ep cut 1         = Part 1 episode
|ep cut 2         = Part 2 episode
|ep cut 3         = Part 3 episode
|ep cut 4         = Part 4 episode

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