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This is for character articles. You should remember that there are things you would normally think would apply to the {{item infobox}}. However, could it for any reason be counted as a character, the character infobox prevails, as it allows for more possibilities.

If you do not have an image or there is no image available of the character, e.g. a pseudocharacter like Obliteron, use the No Character Image.png image.


{{character infobox
|name             = Name of character
|catname          = (optional) if you want a different name for the character to be filled by in the categories.
|type             = Primary character type, possible values: p (for primary), s (for secondary), t (for tertiary) and t plural (for two tertiary characters or more)
|type2            = (optional) Secondary character type, possible values: p (for pseudocharacters), d (for deceased characters), g (for special guests) and d plural (for two deceased characters or more)
|type3            = (optional) A second row of secondary character type, same values as above.
|swas type        = (optional) The show if the character is a character on a show within Futurama. (swas = Show Within A Show)
|sf type          = (optional) Similar to swas, only it is written '<fiction> character'. (sf = SubFiction)
|image            = [[Image:No Character Image.png|225px]]
|image text       = (optional)
|image2           = An alternate image (optional)
|image text2      = (optional)
|age              = (optional)
|birth date       = (optional)
|death date       = (optional)
|gender           = (only if ambiguous or if the character is a robot, in which case the values are [[manbot|Male]] and [[fembot|Female]])
|species          = (optional)
|origin           = (optional)
|job              = (optional)
|family           = (optional)
|first appear     = The media (episode, film, comic, game) the character first appeared in.
|voiced by        = if the character does not speak, the value should be the word "none".
|voice A          = (optional) in case of several characters, use this.  Name of A voice.
|voice A by       = (optional) voice actor/ess of A voice.  So on till E.
|played by        = (optional) In case the character is a character played by another character on a show within a show on Futurama.
|bureaucrat grade = (optional)
|wikipedia        = (optional) for information about the person unrelated to Futurama

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