T.G.I. Folky's

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T.G.I. Folky's
T.G.I. Folky's.png
Exterior of T.G.I. Folky's, in 3013. [7ACV14] The sign reads "TONITE: SILICON RED".
LocationNew New York
First appearance"Forty Percent Leadbelly" (7ACV14)

T.G.I. Folky's is a restaurant that the crew went to in 3013. [7ACV14] They were going to see folk singer Silicon Red, but his performance was interrupted by Bender, who sang his song "The Ballad of Me, Ramblin' Rodriguez". Bender was booed, and Red, after declaring his song insincere, told him to get out.

The back door is marked "AND STAY OUT".

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    Man: Ladies and gentlemen. I'm proud to present... fresh from another down-home, authentic prison term... the universe's greatest folk singer... Silicon Red!


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