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A wide variety of Futurama posters and giclées have been produced.

Name Image Date Additional Details
Futurama: Episode 1 Futuramapilot.jpg 1999 Fry, Bender and Leela feature in this B-Movie style Limited Edition Giclée inspired by the first episode "Space Pilot 3000".

Individually numbered 500 piece edition, measures 24" x 36" inches (60.96cm x 91.44cm).

Debate 3004 Debate 3004.jpg 2004 Nixon's head dwarfs the other two parties (the Fingerlicans and the Tastycrats) in the Presidental Debate of 3004 with his robotic body, but will that be enough to let him win the debate? Check out Bender's soylent green-type slogan for Fry.

Limited Edition Giclée Print, 200 piece hand-numbered edition. Measures 17 3/4 inches by 8 1/4 inches (45.1cm by 21cm).

Ho-Ho-Holiday Horror! Ho-Ho-Holiday Horror.jpg 2005 Inspired by pulp magazines from the mid-20th century, it features Bender, Robot Santa Claus, Richard Nixon (with robot body) and the Robot Devil.

Individually numbered 100 piece edition, measures 14" x 19" inches (35.56cm x 48.26cm).

Attack! Bender vs Zoidberg Promo 2ACV16 (2).png 2006 Giant Bender and Zoidberg battle across New New York while the crew of Planet Express looks on. Based on the episode "Anthology of Interest I".

Individually numbered 250 piece edition, measures 16" x 23" inches (40.64cm x 58.42cm).

The Beast with a Billion Backs Bwabb cell.jpg 2009 The Beast with a Billion Backs is a Limited Edition Giclée on Paper Stock.

Individually numbered 295 piece edition, measures 16" x 20" inches (40.64cm x 50.8cm).

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  • Most of these appear in other Futurama media.
    • "Futurama: Episode 1" is the poster and promo pic for "Space Pilot 3000".
    • "Ho-Ho-Holiday Horror!" is used as December in the 2001 calendar.
    • "Attack! Bender vs Zoidberg" is used as December in the 2002 calendar.

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