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First appearance"The Deep South" (2ACV12)

The Merfolk are merpeople descended from the inhabitants of ancient Atlanta when it was set to sea in an effort to bring more tourism to the bustling hub. The newly formed island invariably sank to the bottom of the ocean where the caffeine leaking from the Coca-Cola bottling plant sped up the evolution into the current species. The Merfolk consist of the typical human torso, and fish tail. The general attitude, accent, and demeanor of the Merfolk still resemble quite distinctly the type of human beings typically associated with the southern continental United States, typically — as in this case — Atlanta.


A merman can be seen attached to the body of a Bloodthirsty Shrimp when Fry, Bender, and the Professor make a stop in the year 351120, during their forward time travel. This could be symbiose, or the merman is in fact a trap meant to trick game.


The bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, around the lost city of Atlanta. Two Merfolk are also seen in the ocean in New New York in 3003.


In this area, the Merfolk have certainly gained much distance to the original humans to the point of incompatibility. The process of reproduction resembles that of fish: the female lays her eggs and then the male releases his fertilizer onto them.


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