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Secondary character
Donbot and Fanny.jpg
Fanny with her husband.
Planet of originPerhaps Earth
or Mars
ProfessionPerformer at Gearotica
RelativesSee Family section
First appearanceInto the Wild Green Yonder
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Fanny is a performer at the Gearotica Theatre. She is an attractive purple fembot, perhaps originating from Earth or Mars, who has a propeller on her behind. Fanny is the wife of the Donbot and the mother of at least two daughters, one of which is Bella. Unlike many other fembots, she appears to share certain parts with manbots, as noted by her arms, hands and unusually thick fingers. The only other female Bending Unit who shares this attribute is Angle-ine.


Although she is married to the Donbot, she had an affair with Bender in 3009. Bender used her fifty thousand dollar bra to play in the Universal Poker Championship so he would "make her happy" (ItWGY). Fanny also stole her husband's foot to give Bender more luck. When the Donbot realized that she had been cheating on him with the winner of the tournament, he and the remainder of the Robot Mafia shot and buried them a few times as a warning. The affair did not seem to have any effect on her marriage, however, as the Donbot's limousine arrived to pick her up as soon as she and Bender freed themselves from their graves.

In 3010, Fanny was seen with the Donbot while Bender and Amy Wong were fighting for their right to marry as robosexuals (6ACV04). She also danced at the 100th-delivery party (6ACV12). In 3011, she attended her oldest daughter's wedding, where she ran into Bender, who had completely forgotten that he had ever slept with her.

Character Description


  • The Donbot, husband (ItWGY).
  • Bella, daughter (6ACV14).
  • Unnamed older daughter (6ACV14).
  • Unnamed son-in-law (6ACV14).

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