Chester Z. Arthur's head

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Tertiary character
Chester Z. Arthur's head
Chester Z. Arthur's head.png
Chester Z. Arthur's head to Farnsworth's right. [6ACV23]
ProfessionFormer U.S. president
First appearance"All the Presidents' Heads" (6ACV23)
Not to be confused with Chester A. Arthur's head.

Chester Z. Arthur is a former president of the United States. By 3011, he was residing at the Head Museum, New New York along with the other former U.S. presidents. [6ACV23]

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    Leela: Look! All the Presidents are back! Even John Tyler!
    John Tyler's head: That's the first time anyone's spoken to me in twelve-hundred years.
    Farnsworth: Yes, from Chester A. Arthur to Chester Z. Arthur, they're all here.