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Tertiary character
Cygnoid food.png
Blek (on left) serving Family Bros. Pizza's first customers, Bender, Fry and Leela [3ACV16]
RelativesWife (on right in picture)
Unindentified child(ren)
First appearance"A Leela of Her Own" (3ACV16)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Blek is a Cygnoid who came to Earth with his wife and other Cygnoids to start a pizza restaurant, Family Bros. Pizza. [3ACV16] He speaks with an 'Italian' accent and does not seem to know much about Earthican culture or humans; when buying chairs for his restaurant, he mistakenly believed that human knees bend upward.

He later become a member of F.A.R.T. to protest against the bad influence of Bender, this may suggest he is a father. [4ACV06]

In Leela's dream, he attends the Philip Fry funeral. [4ACV12]

In 3009, he attended the ceremony for implosion of the violet dwarf star. [ItWGY]

In 3010, he attended Planet Express's 100th-delivery party, where he danced with Gladys Lennox (despite being married). [6ACV12]

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