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*[[Cartridge Unit]]
*[[Cartridge Unit]]
*[[Sinclair 2K]]
*[[Sinclair 2K]]
*Simple Banging Monkey
*Cymbal Banging Monkey
==Additional Info==
==Additional Info==

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Species: Robot
Planet of Origin: Earth
Voiced By: Unknown
First Appearance: Obsoletely Fabulous


Lisa lives on a island with three other outdated robots. She has to refill her waterwheel or else she will power down and die. She claims that she loves Bender and helped him attack and destroy modern day technologie.


She lives on a island with three outdated robots

Additional Info


  • Needs to refill her waterweel every once in a while as to not run out of energy.


  • Lisa: For example I need to refil my waterwheel or else I'll die (Water runs out) Oh god I'll never make it
  • Lisa: Bender just to let you know if we don't survive the attack I love you
    Bender: Right whatever, fire!