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=== Appearances ===
=== Appearances ===
*{{elink|1ACV13|Fry and the Slurm Factory}}
*{{e|50}} ([[What-If Machine|What-If scenario]])
*{{e|3ACV18}} ([[What-If Machine|What-If scenario]])
*{{flink|Into the Wild Green Yonder}}
*{{f|4}} ([[Audience scene|cameo]]
[[Category:Alien species]]
[[Category:Alien species]]

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Tertiary character
Grunka Lunkas
Grunka Lunkas.jpg
Planet of originWormulon
First appearance"Fry and the Slurm Factory" (1ACV13)
1st soloPhil LaMarr
"Hard-ass" comment and 2nd soloJohn DiMaggio

The Grunka Lunkas are small orange men who inhabit the planet Wormulon. They are employed by the Slurm Worms to work in the fake Slurm Factory. They spontaneously burst into song with a warning about asking questions of Glurmo. They aren't paid to sing and Glurmo denies them their bathroom break for singing when they should be working.

They try to sing again later but are repeatedly silenced by Bender and Glurmo.

Additional Info

Grunka Lunka Song

See List of song performances#Grunka Lunka Songs.


  • The Grunka Lunkas are based on the Oompa Loompas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.