DOOP v. Zapp

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DOOP v. Zapp
LocationFormer DOOP Headquarters
DefendantZapp Brannigan
Charged forBlowing up DOOP headquarters
VerdictStripped of his rank as captain, and dismissed from the DOOP.
Appearance"Brannigan, Begin Again" (2ACV02)

The DOOP v. Zapp cases were trials lead by Glab at the Former DOOP Headquarters. Zapp was charged for blowing up DOOP headquarters. The entire jury and Leela were witnesses in the trial. The jury found Zapp guilty. He was stripped of his rank as captain, and dismissed from the DOOP. After making a moving speech where Zapp blames Kif for disaster, Kif is also stripped of rank and discharged.

In the second trial, still in the former DOOP Headquarters, Zapp is reinstated after lying about saving the day and after Leela agrees to Zapp's lie because she doesn't want Zapp back as a Planet Express employee. Kif is also reinstated.

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