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*Their limbs make tasty grilling meat.
*Their limbs make tasty grilling meat.
*Their shells can be used as row boats.
*Their shells can be used as row boats.
*A place called "[[Buggalo Bill's]]" is seen at [[Mars Vegas]] in [[3009]]. This is a parody of the real world {{w|Buffalo Bill's}}.
=== Appearances ===
=== Appearances ===

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First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)

Buggalo are giant beetles with cowskin-colored shells that can be milked like cattle. The hydroponic farmer, on the Moon (1ACV02), and Leo and Inez Wong, on Mars (3ACV10), are known to farm them.

Additional Info

Zoidberg uses a Buggalo shell as a rowboat
Milking the Buggalo


The origin of buggalo is not clear, but it seems that they are from Mars, and Native Martians have domesticated them, using buggalo as flying horses.



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