Bongo Bonus Stamps

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Bongo Bonus Stamps are 'stamps' that are present in issues of Futurama Comics. Starting in January 2012, Bongo began including rare Russian stamps in Simpsons Comics, Bart Simpson Comics and Simpsons Comics One-Shot Wonders as well as Futurama Comics.

Futurama Comics stamps

Image Character Issue # on stamp
Futurama 59 stamp.gif Dr. Ogden Wernstrom Futurama Comics #59 227
Lrrr Futurama Comics #60 180
Zapp Brannigan Futurama Comics #61 60
Umbriel Futurama Comics #62 202
Hypnotoad Futurama Comics #63 170
Robot Devil Futurama Comics #64 110
Fender Futurama Comics #65 191

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