Yarn People

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Yarn People
Yarn People.png
HomeworldNylar 4
Member ofThe Democratic Order of Planets
First appearance"Brannigan, Begin Again" (2ACV02)

The Yarn People are an alien species originating from Nylar 4. Zapp Brannigan suspected that the over-sized scissors Leela and her crew had brought to the opening of the New DOOP Headquarters were part of a neutral plot to assassinate the Yarn People. The species are made entirely of string, with no apparent internal organs. The pink variant appears to be the dominant form of the species, however Yarn People in beige and light blue have also been seen.

Additional Info


  • When we first see the Yarn People, they are of a purple nature, but later they appear to be of more pale color. Whether that may be a different Yarn Person, and they all have different colors is unknown.


    Zapp: How do I know these scissors aren't part of some Neutral plot?
    Leela: But they're not even sharp. Who could I possibly hurt with them?
    Zapp: The Yarn People of Nylar 4?