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This infobox is for transcript articles. It has a navigation bottom template to work with. Like with its bottom navigation, it will add the "Transcript:" part of the previous/next episode links. Do not add those.


{{transcript infobox
|for          = What it is a transcript for; is the backup option if episode or film
                is not provided together with iscommentary being yes.
|episode      = (optional; if iscommentary is yes) What episode the commentary is for
|film         = (optional; if iscommentary is yes) What film the commentary is for
|written by   = (optional) The author of the episode.
|thanks to    = Who originally wrote the transcript, sort of a credit.
|credit       = Same as above.
|prev ep      = Previous episode (optional for first)
|next ep      = Next episode (optional for last)
|prev film    = Previous film (optional)
|next film    = Next film (optional)
|iscommentary = yes/no (default: no) Whether it is a transcript of a commentary
|participants = (optional) Only in case of a commentary, a list of the people participating
                in the commentary.

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