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Documentation for {{crew infobox}}


This is for people who have worked on the show, be it writers, voice actors, producers, directors, whatnot, they use this template.

If you have no image available of the person in question, be it for legal reasons or simply don't have one, use the No Character Image.png image.


{{crew infobox
|firstname      = Firstname
|surname        = Surname
|image          = [[Image:No Character Image.png|225px]] (image of the person in question)
|profession     = What they do on Futurama.
                  Off-show professions can be mentioned outside the infobox.
|birth date     = (optional)
|death date     = (optional)
|wikipedia      = (optional) Wikipedia link
|imdb           = (optional) IMDB id
|chartype       = (optional) In case the crew also appears as a character (even non-speaking
                             and background), this value can be set to h (for head in a jar)
                             or n (for not).  Being a tertiary character is assumed.
|voice category = (optional) If it is a voice actor, they have a category attached
                             of characters they've voiced, use this to point out the
                             name they appear on in the category.

Remember that "firstname" includes middle names, e.g.:

|firstname=David X.

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