Sun City

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Sun City
Futurama the Game Sun City Entrance Sign.jpg
The Entrance Sign to Sun City on the Sun, as seen in the game
LocationThe Sun
First appearanceFuturama (video game)

Sun City was a civilization on the Sun that was seen in Futurama (video game). The city was visited by the Planet Express crew when their ship crashed on the star after running out of Dark Matter. Ra-Ra the Sun King asked them to save the city from the reign of the Sun God Impostor (who, at the time, the inhabitants of the Sun did not know was an impostor), in exchange for a full tank of Dark Matter so they could get the ship running again. Leela made her way through the City, setting up a beam of light to activate a Crystal along the way, until finally meeting the Sun God Imposter, then defeating him with the Crystal, freeing the city from the Sun God and his Bone Bots.

Additional Information


  • The first level in the City, Market Square, is Leela's first playable level.