Patchcord Adams

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Tertiary character
Patchcord Adams
Patchord Adams.png
ProfessionClown robot at Cedars-Sinewave Hospital
First appearance"Bendin' in the Wind" (3ACV13)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Patchcord Adams is a clown robot at Cedars-Sinewave Hospital. He is primarily a robotic version and parody of Patch Adams a man who entertained sick people at the hospital, who was famously portrayed by Robin Williams in a film. Patchcord Adams visited Bender, who had been paralyzed by a magnetic can opener accident, and told the Planet Express crew and Bender a few jokes.

He then asked Bender if he could move his arms, to which Bender responded "if I weren't I'd be strangling you". After looking at Bender's chart, he escaped off. Patchcord Adams was later seen at the 100th Delivery Party that Bender threw during the Devolution Revolution in September of 3010.

Additional Info


    Patchcord Adams: You know why they are using Windows 3000 as a prison guard?
    Fry: No, why?
    Patchcord Adams: Because it always locks up. [Crew politely laughs.]