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First appearance"Law and Oracle" (6ACV16)

Pandora is a stereoscopic 3-D planet. Leela notes that the planet is extremely dangerous, and she is unable to see properly while on the planet as she only has one eye and no 3-D glasses.

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  • The planet is a reference to the moon with the same name featured in the 2009 science-fiction film Avatar by James Cameron. The fact that the planet is 3-D is a reference to the film being produced in 3-D, and relaunching the popularity of 3-D films.
    The planet is very similar to the Avatar moon, with many floating islands with forestation on their surface. A major difference, however, is that the planet is in anaglyph, with the entire planet divided into red and cyan hues that produce a 3-D image when seen correctly, and it is not a moon, but a planet.


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