Mark Mothersbaugh (character)

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Tertiary character
Mark Mothersbaugh
Mutated Mark Mothersbaugh.jpg
The mutated Mark Mothersbaugh in an underground concert.
Date of birth18 May, 1950
First appearance"The Mutants Are Revolting" (6ACV12)

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Voiced byMark Mothersbaugh
This article is about the Futurama character. For the real person, see Mark Mothersbaugh.

The mutated Mark Mothersbaugh is the result of a freaky accident which may have involved Lake Mutagenic water. In the 31st century, he is still the lead singer of Devo, a job he has kept at least part time since 1972, but has become a green octopus-like mutant with four eyes, whose DNA is 40% potato. Mothersbaugh participated in the Devolution Revolution of September of 3010 that officially granted the Sewer Mutants their freedom.

Additional Info[edit]

Mothersbaugh's special umbrella.


  • He has a small umbrella (which is very similar to an energy dome) that he used to protect himself from the sewage wave.
  • His four eyes may be a reference to the stereotypical school-yard insult "four eyes" applied to people with glasses, like him.


    Leela: Beautiful mutants, please welcome... Devo! [Everybody cheers.]
    Mark Mothersbaugh: Hello, Sewer City. [Everybody cheers.] As long-time mutants ourselves, we support your righteous struggle and will do anything we can for you.
    Dwayne: Play "Whip It"!
    Mark Mothersbaugh: No. [To a member of the band.] Play the other one.
    [The band begins playing "Beautiful World".]

    Dwayne: [After Mayor Poopenmeyer declares the Mutants free.] Are we not men now?
    Mark Mothersbaugh: I'm 40% potato. But close enough.