Keg Robot

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Tertiary character
Keg Robot
Keg Robot.png
First appearance"Crimes of the Hot" (4ACV08)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

Keg Robot is a keg-looking robot. He attended the "party" organized by Richard Nixon's head to destroy all robots and end the problem of global warming, along with all robots of the world. Bender tried to get beer from him until he discovered the keg is actually a robot. Much to Bender's disgust, the kegbot asks him to keep pushing on his pump, as he was enjoying.

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    Bender: [To his turtle]] Poor guy. Maybe you'd feel better if I had a drink. [He pumps the keg.] Crummy keg! It's completely ta-- Oh, you're a robot!
    Keg Robot: Don't stop!
    Bender: Ew!