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This article is about the Brain Spawn's memory bank. For the wiki, see The Infosphere (website).
InventorBrain Spawn
UsageStore all information in the Universe
First appearance"The Why of Fry" (4ACV10)
Current statusIn pocket dimension

The Infosphere is a massive biological memory bank created by the Brain Spawn to catalogue all the information in the Universe. Once it had completed its task, the Universe was to be destroyed so that no new information could be created. However, the Brain Spawn's plan was foiled by Fry, who sent the Infosphere into a pocket dimension using a Quantum Interphase Bomb created by the Nibblonians (4ACV10).


It is twice the size of three ordinary memory banks (i.e., six times the capacity of a standard memory bank), and took one thousand years to construct, although the massive brain that makes up its core seems to have been alive since at least the time of the dinosaurs, or capable of time travel.

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  • The Infosphere, whose purpose is to store all data in the Universe, has laid its name for this Wiki itself, which only seems to care about Futurama related stuff.
  • The statement 11>4 is seen being stored in the Infosphere, but, since there are an infinite number of numbers, the process to store all of these would take an infinite amount of time.