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Tertiary character
Grundy being held by Bender, at Oktoberfest, in the Neander Valley, Germany, in October 3012. [7ACV08]
First appearance"Fun on a Bun" (7ACV08)
Voiced byFrank Welker

Grundy is a pig that, in 3012, Bender planned on using in a sausage contest at the German fair of Oktoberfest. [7ACV08] Elzar told Bender that it would not win the contest, due to it not being innovative like hummingbird, angel wings, or millennia-old pork, so Bender ended up using mammoth, for which he won third place. He later usurped the sashes of the second- and first-place recipients and declared himself the sausage champion.

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    Elzar: Pork that's been aged for three thousand years!
    [He puts on the table a death mask resembling that of Pharaoh Tutankhamun [1] that has the face of a pig and opens it. It contains a ham and spider webs.] Bam!
    Bender: Aw, man! I can't beat that with a Craigslist pig!
    Sorry, Grundy. [He puts Grundy inside his chest cabinet.] I'll have to kill you later, for some other reason.

    Fry: And— And the worst part is... I had to have the breakup sex by myself!
    [Fry sobs.]
    Bender: Fry. Some of us have real problems. I just learned there are people with fancier sausage meats than me!
    [Bender sobs.]