GeneWorks receptionist

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Tertiary character
GeneWorks receptionist
Planet of originEarth
ProfessionReceptionist at GeneWorks, S.K.G.
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)

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Voiced byTress MacNeille

The GeneWorks receptionist sold Professor Farnsworth one pound of stem cells for $300 in "Three Hundred Big Boys". She was disgusted when Farnsworth rubbed them all over his face.

Additional Info[edit]


    Professor Farnsworth: Is it true that stem cells may fight the aging process?
    GeneWorks receptionist: Well yes. In the same way an infant may fight Muhammad Ali. But--
    Professor Farnsworth: One pound of stem cells, please.
    [The professor slaps his $300 on the desk and the woman gives him a tub of stem cell cream.]
    GeneWorks receptionist: Of course, any age-reversing effects will be purely temporary.
    [She gags and turns away as Farnsworth spreads the stem cells around his face.]