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Tertiary character
First appearance"Less than Hero" (4ACV04)
Voiced byTress MacNeille
For other uses, see Andrew (disambiguation).

Andrew is a small robot, who, together with his partner mugs people on the street.

They once attempted to mug Fry and Leela, but failed as their would be victims had gained superpowers prior to the incident. Andrew's partner's comment after the failed attempt, "...and after years of planning", may indicate that they are not a very successful pairing. Bender knows this robot (or perhaps his partner) because after Fry and Leela return to Planet Express, Bender says "Hey a friend of mine said he mugged you today and you had superpowers!".


Andrew, originally to be named Hector,[1] was based on an early, scrapped, idea for the show; a character named Pocket Pal was intended to explain futuristic concepts to Fry (to help the audience understand the future better), and this would drive Bender crazy.

Additional Info


    Partner: Excuse me, hi! Do you have a minute? I live in Jersey City and my car broke down and I need to get back because my Aunt's real sick and she needs this medicine but I need money for the bus. So I'm mugging you. Hand over your wallets.
    Leela: I don't believe that story for a second.
    Partner: It doesn't matter, I'm mugging you.
    Fry: There's no bus to Jersey City.
    Partner: Give me your wallets now or my robot'll shoot. [He takes his hat off his hand, revealing a small robot holding a gun.]
    Andrew: Don't make me hurt you.



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