Acting Unit 0.8

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Tertiary character
Acting Unit 0.8
SpeciesRobot (Acting Unit)
Planet of originProbably Earth
First appearance"The Honking" (2ACV18)

Acting Unit 0.8 was one of history's great Robot actors Calculon pretended to be to hide his aging, alongside Thespa-mat and David Duchovny (2ACV18).

Additional Info


    Bender: Let's kick him some more.
    Calculon: No, wait, let me explain. [Melodramatically.] It all began one fateful night a thousand years ago.
    Bender: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! You're a thousand years old? Your bio says you're 27!
    Calculon: Lies! I change my identity and upgrade my appearance every few decades to avoid suspicion. I was all of history's great acting Robots: Acting Unit 0.8, Thespo-mat, David Duchovny!