Abraham Lincoln's head

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Tertiary character
Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln.png
Date of birth12 February, 1809
ProfessionFormer U.S. president
First appearance"When Aliens Attack" (1ACV12)
2ACV07Billy West
ItWGY and 6ACV23Maurice LaMarche
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Abraham Lincoln was the president of the United States from 1861 to 1865, and famous for being the president directly or indirectly responsible for the abolishment of slavery in the United States.

In the 31st century, he resides at the Head Museum, New New York along with the other former U.S. presidents. Despite his history, he doesn't mind advertising for car dealerships together with George Washington's head.


Every time Lincoln or a version of him appear on screen, Matt Groening asks what it is with Harvard boys and Lincoln,[1] specifically referring to Ken Keeler and David X. Cohen.

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