War between the Nibblonians and the brain spawn

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War between the Nibblonians and the brain spawn
Nibblonians eat Brain Spawn.png
DateBeginning milliseconds after the Big Bang, and ending in 3004
LocationThroughout the universe
ResultAll brain spawn are permanently closed in a parallel universe
Appearance"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" (3ACV07)
Side ASide B
Brain spawnNibblonians, Philip J. Fry, Turanga Leela
Big BrainKen & Fiona
Brain spawn and their Mental RealmNibblonians Ships and the Quantum Interphase Bomb
All brain spawn trapped in a parallel universe, others eaten by NibbloniansUnknown

The war between the Nibblonians and the brain spawn was an immense conflict which began milliseconds after the Big Bang when the brain spawn come into existence. Their only goal was to learn all knowledge of the entire universe before destroying it. They wiped out Earth's dinosaurs, perhaps after learning everything they could about them. By 1999, the brain spawn built an immense center of knowledge, the Infosphere. Nibbler, one of the Nibblonians, asks for a pizza from Panucci's Pizza as someone called "I. C. Wiener" so that the only person who can save the universe, Fry, will go to Applied Cryogenics for a delivery, and so Nibbler can freeze him for one thousand years in the freezing chamber.

In 3002 the brain spawn invaded Earth and made every human stupid with the exception of Fry who stopped the invasion, and the Nibblonians ate the last brains.

Later, in 3004, the brain spawn had nearly finished acquiring the knowledge of universe, but Nibbler sent Fry to activate the Quantum Interphase Bomb which propels the Infosphere and all brain spawn to a parallel universe from where it's impossible to return to our universe.

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