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Welcome, Jensor. Thanks for contributing! Didja get the cryptogram yet? :)

I'm up to speed and I may have offended TomAllen. Though it's probably just sarcasm since he's spouting Futurama quotes and phrases in his response.

[Gopher]: Good deal. If you want to make any new character or episode articles, try using the structure templates I've made. Just save the page with either {{subst:CharacterArticleTemplate}} or {{subst:EpisodeArticleTemplate}} and save it; this will paste in the outline, with the standard headings and order, plus comments showing the standard syntax for items in each section. Makes it very easy to spit out nice-looking, consistently-formatted articles without sitting there all day rewriting standard section headings and such. If this is all obvious to you, just ignore me :)

I understand code, I just can't write it for crap. But I do know how a professional website looks and I'll keep that look on Futurama Wiki. I already added an image of Kif =) But now isn't the time for me to be playing around with this, I have class in the morning.

[Jensor]:I didn't "steal" your idea with the AL1 name, I just used the idea because I can actually read AI1 partially fluently (does that make sense?)

[Gopher]: I understand; I've been known to use AL1 letters in formula when working on my dry erase board. I don't object, but you might want to change the color or do something to make them more distinctive - or we might be the only ones who can tell us apart :)

And those two templates aren't really code, it's just an even easier way to copy and paste the formatting for the category. No code required, just copy, paste, and fill-in-the-blank to make it come out exactly like the others.

Buddy13 FW16.png See the Conference Table, I just offered you guys other colours.

[Jensor]: There we go. I used my original picture and shrunk it down to a tolerable size.

[Jensor]:Is it my computer, or did this site lose it's frames. Everything is coming up as basic HTML left-aligned. It's not very fun like this.

Edit: For some reason, using Firefox on this laptop makes the frames not show up. On IE it works fine, but IE sucks. Maybe I can fix it...

Edit Edit: My Firefox was very outdated. Problem solved. Everythings ok alright. </Leela>

The Sting

Buddy13 FW16.png Are you going to finish working on it? If not, you might want to remove the Working template. :D

[Jensor]: Sorry, still learning how to use wiki. It's removed.

Featured Articles

Need some votes for the featured articles. Please edit this page and add your name to the accept or decline columns, as well as adding any new nominations, if you'd like.

Personal Images

Which of the real ones are you going to use? Let me know, so we can remove the extra one. Buddy 15:44, 25 April 2006 (PDT)

[Jensor]:Go ahead and delete the image named userjensorreal1.jpg. I am not sure how to remove it. I put the picture I want to use on my page now.